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air transportation

Transportation costs include airfare, traveling crate, Veterinarians certificate of health and ground transport to the airport. Please contact us  for an exact shipping quote.

Flight nanny means that your puppy will be flown in the cabin with nanny to get to you. Flight nanny is the ideal way to ship through air as it is safer and much less stressful for the puppy.

Flight nanny Pricing Varies depending on the flight pricing and days you choose to have your baby delivered​​

This could change due to the airlines pricing.

NorthWest Aussiedoodles


We can safely deliver your puppy to anywhere in the U.S. through ground shipping. (not including Hawaii or Alaska) . Ground shipping rates vary depending on location. Ground shipping is not available in the Winter due to unsafe driving  conditions.

We offer air transportation for anywhere in the U.S. through flight nanny. 

We do have flight nanny standing by