Aussiedoodle puppy
Merle Aussiedoodle
brown/red merle

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Merle Aussiedoodle

Puppy pricing goes as follows.

​           Standard

Blue merle, Red merle or parti- $2,000

Red tri/bi or Sable- $1,900

Black tri/bi $1,800


​Merle and parti-$2,200

​Red tri/bi or sable-$2,100

​Black tri/bi-$2,000


Merle and parti-$2,500

Red tri/bi or sable-$2,400

​Black tri/bi-$2,300

​These prices are good before puppies are born and may increase after birth. Due to coloring and markings and eye color. demand also plays a part. With a deposit these prices are locked in.

You can pay the owed amount on your puppy using a credit card or you can send us a personal check. If you have arranged to pay for your puppy in person, please bring cash or cashier's check. 

If you're paying by credit card, please be aware that there is a 3% or 4% processing fee added if you are using Paypal or the Square APP.

If you are sending us a check, please be sure to mail your check at least 5 business days before you pick up your puppy, or prior to your puppy being shipped.

Northwest Aussiedoodles

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