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Puppy deposit Master list


We have open spots available on our current litters master list.

​​By placing a $300 deposit, you are securing your priority pick of the litter. Your name will be placed on the list below showing your "puppy pick rank". Puppy priority picks are according to the date and time that your deposit is placed.   EXAMPLE: The 1st depositor gets first pick, the 2nd depositor gets the second pick and so on. We Reserve the right to first pick of every litter!! You will choose your puppy once the pups reach 3 weeks of age. Pups will be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age. 

You may change your litter of choice at any time before the puppies are 4 weeks of age. If you do change your deposit to another litter, you will be placed on the list at the next available open slot.

If the mother of your chosen litter whelps less puppies than expected, resulting in a puppy not being available to you, you can apply your deposit to another current litter or to another upcoming litter. 

 If you would like to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter, CLICK HERE to begin the application process.

​See our list of depositors below, and their respective puppy pick ranks.

 Litter Expected Precious Roscoe Standard (F1 Sttandard Aussiedoodle Puppies) 5-10-20 Born

Pick #1- reserved
Pick #2- Jenna Harvy

​Pick #3- Kelley Third

 Litter expected Rosie and mojo toy Aussiedoodles 9-13 in

6/2/20 Born

Pick #1 Reserved

Pick #2 Gwen Schurvuman Oregon

Pick #3 Dale Strouse Oregon

Litter expected Peaches And Archie toy Aussies 9-1-20 

Pick #1 Manpreet Kaur Washington

Pick #2  Rika Stock California

litter expected Freya and Rosco 5/10/20 born

Pick #1 Courtney Wiles Utah

Pick #2 Zichuan Tian California

Pick #3 Tenli Tartaglia-Kuck Florida

Pick #4 Tyler and Annie Boitano Oregon

Pick #5 Emily Singh Washington

​Litter expected Arrow and Rosco 7/25/20

Pick #1 William Greenlaw Washington

Pick #2 Michael Baker Washington

Pick #3 Timoth Rodee Utah

Pick #4 Rhonda Jaasko Oregon

Pick #5 Vanessa Winkel California

​Litter expected Miesha and Rosco 7/25/20

Pick #1 Ceil Orr Washington

Pick #2 Jesse Vaccaro Montana

Pick #3 Jonathan Hendrickson Massachusetts

Pick #4 Sofia Demeo California

litter expected Keeper and Mojo 9/1/20

Pick #1 Ashley Murphy Washington

Pick #2 Kira Reid California

Litter expected Dusty/Roscoe 10/01/2020

​Pick #1 Ronald-Theresa Bunker Nevada

Pick #2 Victoria Radick Washington

Pick #3 Brandi Palmo Arizona

pick #4 Amy Heinrich Utah

​Pick #5

Next available puppy overflow list

Pick #1 Rick LaMarche Washington

Pick #2 Jesse Waldon California

​Pick #3 Cathleen Muller Washington

Pick #4 Jessica Thompson Nevada

Pick #5 Natalie Holubec Washington

Pick #6 Jason githens Washington

Pick #7

Pick #8

Pick #9

​Pick #10