2019 Future Litter Expected  9/19

Hildy/Roscoe (Standard F1 Aussiedoodle Puppies)  

Pick #1- Russel Eddings black tri
Pick #2- Brett florida blue merle female

​Pick #3- Sarah Miller Bz Mt blue merle

Pick #4- Kelsey Fehr Ca female blue merle

Pick #5- Holly Hoopes black tri ID training

​Pick #6- Amethyst Tagney female ID

​Pick #6-  McDonald Black female WA

​2019 Fall litter Expected 10/19

​Fraya/Rosco (Standard f1b Aussiedoodle Puppies ) 

Pick#1  Jillian Black tri

Pick#2  Afton Black tri



​9-19 chicka 9" and mojo 12.5" (Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies)

Pick#1 Kit Xamonthiene   Blue merle male OR

Pick#2 Maria Hess Wa  Female black tri


10/19 Talley and Mojo Toy aussiedoodle puppies

Pick#1 Andrea Larson Co White black tri

Pick#2 Maggie Breitenstein  OR


Rosie 10'' Mojo 12.5'' 11/17/19 expected date mini Aussiedoodles

Pick #1-Maria Hess Black tri Female WA

Pick#2-Vienna Hill/ Nick Conti Phantom male WA


Stella and Rosco standard Labradoodles 11/13/19




Freya/ Rosco Standard F1B Aussiedoodles Expected date 10/18/19

Pick #1 Scott Boymel Male Oregon

Pick #2

Pick #3

Pick #4

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Puppy deposit Master list


We have open spots available on our current litters master list.

​​By placing a $300 deposit, you are securing your priority pick of the litter. Your name will be placed on the list below showing your "puppy pick rank". Puppy priority picks are according to the date and time that your deposit is placed.   EXAMPLE: The 1st depositor gets first pick, the 2nd depositor gets the second pick and so on. We Reserve the right to first pick of every litter!! You will choose your puppy once the pups reach 3 weeks of age. Pups will be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age. 

You may change your litter of choice at any time before the puppies are 4 weeks of age. If you do change your deposit to another litter, you will be placed on the list at the next available open slot.

If the mother of your chosen litter whelps less puppies than expected, resulting in a puppy not being available to you, you can apply your deposit to another current litter or to another upcoming litter. 

 If you would like to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter, CLICK HERE to begin the application process.

​See our list of depositors below, and their respective puppy pick ranks.