‚ÄčWe carefully pick each one of our dogs to ensure that we get the highest quality you can find in an aussiedoodle. We strive for puppies with excellent temperament, a wide variety of hair color and most importantly, good health.

‚ÄčAussiedoodles are a hybrid cross between two of the smartest dogs in the world, the poodle and the australian shepherd,  which makes one of the most intelligent "Doodle" breeds there is. Aussiedoodle coats are usually curly, wavy and non-shedding or low shedding. Because of the hybrid cross with the poodle, their coats are most often hypoallergenic as well. 

Puppy News

            We have a litterr of toy aussiedoodles coming

           WE have a litter of f1 Standard

           we Have a litter of toy aussies coming

           We are planning a litter of mini  

           we just purched two red merle female she looks like a fox her name is foxie and

Miesha has blue in her eyes

           We have Two new blue merle females both are pregnant both have some blue in ther eyes


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