Toy Aussie Talley
Merle Aussie hildy

Once you place a deposit you will be placed on our puppy deposit master list.  Your puppy pick rank will be determined by the date and time the deposit was placed. For example, the 1st depositor gets first puppy pick, the 2nd depositor gets second puppy pick and so on. You will choose your puppy once the pups reach 2 weeks old. Puppies will be ready to go home at 8 weeks old. 

We have a F1B litter coming Freya and Rosco 10/19

​We have two litters of F1 Toy Aussiedoodles on the way Chicka and Mojo and Talley and Mojo 9/19 and 10/19

F1B aussiedoodle Freya Northwestaussiedoodles

​Past litter



toy Aussie Chicka

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Past Aussiedoodle puppies
Toy Poodle Mojo

NorthWest Aussiedoodles

We have a litter with avilable puppies right now! You can claim the next place on our list by completing our puppy applicationand placing a $300 deposit.